Terms & Conditions

As with any used engine, we require the changing of a timing belt where applicable. Even though our JDM engines have 35,000-45,000 miles on them, the timing belts are made of rubber and thus go bad with age as well as mileage. For many of our engines, the timing belt on the engine is the original belt put on at the factory and because of that, they are 10-15 years old.

Oft times we get asked why the mileage on our engines is so low and that derives from several factors. The average mileage driven per year on vehicles in Japan is 3000-5000 miles per year while compared to the US, we drive 12,000-15,000 miles per year. Japan also uses an inverse tax base on vehicles which means the older the car is, the heavier the tax is. As an incentive to buy newer vehicles that are more environmentally friendly as well as safer, it is also a way to stimulate the economy. Public transportation overseas is very efficient, while public parking is nothing short of a nightmare. Many people have cars but for daily transportation they rely on bus and train.