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High quality used engines and transmissions!

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Used Engines and Transmissions Process

"Our Process" makes our used engines and transmissions the best overall value you can buy. We put many years of experience and our reputation on the line with every engine and transmission that we sell!

The Owners personally qualify our Japanese and Domestic suppliers and work with them to understand our expectations. One owner was the Director of Quality for Mitsubishi Semiconductor America for over four (4) years and a Certified Quality Auditor (CQA). He was trained in Japan and speaks the Quality Assurance Japanese language. Another owner has many years of experience in engine installation management. We go to Japan to make sure our suppliers understand our quality requirements and expectations. We also work with Domestic suppliers to make sure they understand those same requirements and expectations.

We hire Technicians to check EVERY engine and transmission. These Technicians have the skill levels to rebuild as well as install engines. We are next door to a high performance shop and a transmission business who help us when we do need additional technical assistance.

We are staking our reputation on every engine and transmission we sell and the customer install. Since 1995 we have enjoyed an excellent reputation in the industry. How did we earn this reputation? 1) By interacting with the best suppliers (not necessarily the ones with the lowest prices). 2) By hiring qualified technicians to check EVERY engine and transmission prior to leaving our warehouse. 3) By never forgetting that the Customer pays the bills.